"Never Go Blank In The Face When Tackling cPanel, FTP, HTML, CSS, Payment Processors, Wordpress, Auto-Responders, List Building, Mini Site Creation, Social Media And More..."
Complete Set Of 120 175+  'Point-And-Click' Training Videos Designed For The Technically Challenged Will Equip You With The Confidence To Start Your Online Business In 2023!
Re: Internet Marketing Training For The Technically Challenged
From The Desk Of Cedric Aubry

Dear Friend,

If every product you've bought before seems to jump ahead and skip some basic, yet necessary steps, this may very well be the missing pieces that they didn't explain!I have heard the same questions over and over again from many newbies on how to set up their online business. Things like...
  • How do I register a domain name?
  • What the heck is 'DNS' and how do I change them?
  • How do I register a web hosting account and get my site set up?
  • How do I create a blog?
  • How can I let customers automatically download my product?
  • How do I set up an autoresponder?
  • How do I process my orders?
  • How do I set up my order links?
  • How can I upload files to my web page?
  • How do I set up a squeeze page?
  • How to connect your download page and downloadable files?
  • How to connect your autoresponder to your landing page?
and the list goes on...

Sound familiar?

You simply cannot set up a business on the Internet without knowing these and other basics steps.

So, I decided that I was going to put together a series of online videos to help newbies cut their learning curve drastically and eventually get their own Internet business up and running a whole lot faster and easier.
After Literally Months Of Hard Work, I Finally Manage To Create a Series Of Video Tutorials Just For You!
You'll get access to a total of over 120  175 videos of exclusive coaching videos ... starting with the marketing basics like registering a domain name, and going all the way through setting up your own website, building your list and much more.

Let me introduce you to the huge video database you'll have access to!...
Marketing Basics
Getting Started
  • Video #1: Organize
  • Video #2: What Is FTP
  • Video #3: Domain Name
  • Video #4: Hosting
  • Video #5: Download And Install Filezilla
  • Video #6: Nameservers
  • Video #7: FTP Login Info
  • Video #8: Connect To Your Server
  • Video #9: Secure Connection
  • Video #10: Transfer Files
  • Video #11: Edit Live Files
  • Video #12: Resume File Transfer
  • Video #13: Export/Import Filezilla Settings
  • Video #14: Force Show Hidden Files
Marketing Basics
Web Hosting Control Panel
  • Video #1: How To Create An Email Account
  • Video #2: How To Create a Forwarder
  • Video #3: How To Edit Your Error Pages 
  • Video #4: How To Create a Redirect URL
  • Video #5: How To Configure Your Index Manager 
  • Video #6: How To Create a MySQL Database
Marketing Basics
HTML For Beginner
  • Video #1: Introduction To HTML
  • Video #2: Hacking Without Knowing Code
  • Video #3: Open And Close Tags
  • Video #4: Heading
  • Video #5: Break Tags
  • Video #6: Basic Formatting
  • Video #7: Lists
  • Video #8: Image Tags
  • Video #9: Hyperlinks
Marketing Basics
FTP For Beginner
  • Video #1: Warming Up to FTP
  • Video #2: What You Need To Have Beforehand
  • Video #3: Getting Your Website Setup For File Transfer
  • Video #4: Accessing Your Login Information
  • Video #5: Saving and Organizing Your Account Information in Filezilla
  • Video #6: Connecting to your FTP Account in Filezilla
  • Video #7: Where Do You Upload To?
  • Video #8: Uploading to the Filezilla Manager
  • Video #9: How to Delete, Copy, Move files, Create a Folder, and more.
  • Video #10: Live Website Rules 101
  • Video #11: Transfer Files Without FTP Software
Marketing Basics
CSS For Beginner
  • Video #1: CSS Intro
  • Video #2: CSS Syntax
  • Video #3: CSS Inline
  • Video #4: CSS Internal
  • Video #5: CSS External
  • Video #6: CSS Link Styles
  • Video #7: CSS Comment Tag
  • Video #8: CSS The ID Selector
  • Video #9: CSS The Class Selector
  • Video #10: CSS Validation
  • Video #11: CSS Changing Font Size
  • Video #12: CSS Changing Font Color
  • Video #13: CSS Changing Text Alignment
  • Video #14: CSS Changing Font Family
  • Video #15: CSS Changing Font Style
  • Video #16: CSS Adding Text Shadow & 3-D Text
  • Video #17: CSS Creating A Content Box 
  • Video #18: CSS Add Rounded Corners To A Content Box
  • Video #19: CSS Add Shadows To A Content Box
Marketing Basics
File Storage
  • Video #1: Media Fire
  • Video #2: DropBox
  • Video #3: Amazon S3
Marketing Basics
SEO - Adwords Tutorials
  • Video #1: Off Page SEO
  • Video #2: ON Page SEO

  • Video #1: How To Signup For A Google Adwords Account
  • Video #2: How To Use The Keyword Planner Tool
  • Video #3: How To Create Your First Campaign On Google Adwords
Webmaster Tools
PDF, Ebook Creation, ZIP Files, Screen Capture
  • Video #1: How To Use The Source Code Editor
  • Video #2: How To Use a Web Reader
  • Video #3: How To Create PDF Documents / Ebook
  • Video #4: How To Use Alexa To See Rankings
  • Video #5: How To Use The Warrior Forum
  • Video #6: How To Edit Seller Sites
  • Video #7: How To Make Screen Capture
  • Video #8: How To Work With Zip Files
  • Video #9: How To Add To Your Windows Right-Click Menu
  • Video #10: How To Use Feedly - Google Reader Replacement
  • Video #11: How To Perform Cross Browser Testing
Marketing Basics
Auto Responder - Aweber Tutorials
  • Video #1: Automation Rule In Aweber
  • Video #2: How To Create a Broadcast In Aweber
  • Video #3: How To Create a New List In Aweber 
  • Video #4: How To Create a Signup Form In Aweber
  • Video #5: How To Remove Your Unresponsive Leads 
  • Video #6: How To Schedule Follow-Up Emails
Marketing Basics
Auto Responder - Get Response Tutorials
  • Video #1: Automation Rule In Get Response
  • Video #2: How To Create a New List in Get Response
  • Video #3: How To Create a Newsletter In Get Response 
  • Video #4: How To Create a Web Form In Get Response
  • Video #5: How To Remove Your Unresponsive Leads 
  • Video #6: How To Create Your Follow-Up Emails
Marketing Basics
Auto Responder - Sendlane Tutorials
  • Video #1: Automation Rule In Sendlane
  • Video #2: How To Create a Broadcast In Sendlane
  • Video #3: How To Create a List In Sendlane 
  • Video #4: How To Create a Signup Form In Sendlane
  • Video #5: How To Remove Your Sendlane Unresponsive Leads
  • Video #6: How To Schedule FollowUp Emails
Marketing Basics
Auto Responder - MailChimp Tutorials
  • Video #1: Automation Rule In MailChimp
  • Video #2: How To Create a Broadcast
  • Video #3: How To Create Lists
  • Video #4: How To Create a Signup Form In Mailchimp
  • Video #5: How To Remove Your MailChimp Unresponsive Leads 
  • Video #6: How To Create Your Follow-Up Emails In MailChimp
Marketing Basics
Payment Processors/Affiliate Network
  • Video #1: How To Create Your Paypal Buy Button
  • Video #2: How To Add a Subscription Button
  • Video #3: How To Place Your Buy Button On Your Website
  • Video #1: How To Add New Products To Your ClickBank Account
  • Video #2: How To Create Your ClickBank Payment Link
  • Video #3: How To Create a Sales Funnel With ClickBank
JV Zoo
  • Video #1: How To Sell Your Product With JV Zoo 
  • Video #2: How To Create Your JV Zoo Buy Button
  • Video #3: How To Create a Sales Funnel With JV Zoo
Warrior Plus 
  • Video #1: How To List And Launch Your Product With Warrior Plus
  • Video #2: How To Retrieve Your Warrior Plus Buy Button
  • Video #3: How To Create a Sales Funnel With Warrior Plus
  • Video #1: How To Sell Your Products With Zaxaa
  • Video #2: How To Create Your Zaxaa Button
  • Video #3: How To Create a Sales Funnel With Zaxaa
  • Video #4: How To Add Affiliate Details
Marketing Basics
Social Media Part 1 - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter
  • Video #1- How To Upload a Video On YouTube
  • Video #2: How To Attract Followers With Keywords And Tags
  • Video #3: How To Add YouTube Annotations To Your Videos
  • Video #4: How To Edit The Privacy Setting On Your Video
  • Video #5: How To Run Advertising On YouTube 
  • Video #1: How To Create a Facebook Fan Page 
  • Video #2: How To Configure Your Facebook Fan Page
  • Video #3: How To Create a Facebook Group
  • Video #4: How To Configure Your Facebook Group
  • Video #5: Facebook Ads 
  • Video #1: How To Change Your Twitter Header Image
  • Video #2: How To Post Quality Tweet
  • Video #3: How To Get Twitter Followers
  • Video #4: The Twitter Hashtag - What Is It and How Do You Use It
  • Video #5: How You Can Share/Promote Your New Tweet
Marketing Basics
Social Media Part 2 - LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Hootsuite
  • Video #1: Overview Of LinkedIn
  • Video #2: How To Create Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Video #3: How To Add Your LinkedIn Profile Badge To Your Website
  • Video #4: How To Request Testimonials Or Endorsement
  • Video #1: Pinterest Editing Board - How To Add, Edit Board 
  • Video #2: How To Get Rich Pins For Pinterest
  • Video #3: How To Add Pinterest's Buttons & Widgets To Your Website
  • Video #4: Convert Your Free Pinterest Account To A Business One
  • Video #1: How To Post Content On Instagram
  • Video #2: How To Create An Instagram Video
  • Video #3: How To Use Hashtags In Instagram
  • Video #4: How To Find Followers
  • Video #1: How To Create Your Hoot Suite Account
  • Video #2: How To Add Account
  • Video #3: How To Automate Your Posts
Marketing Basics
Video Creation - Camtasia
  • Video #1: How To Use Camtasia To Record On-Screen Video
  • Video #2: Editing The Video
  • Video #3: How To Remove Noise In Camtasia
  • Video #4: How To Create Transitions And Animations
  • Video #5: How To Render Your Video In Camtasia 
Marketing Basics
Video Creation - Powerpoint
  • Video #1: How To Record Powerpoint Slides
  • Video #2: How To Change To 16:9 Landscape
  • Video #3: How To Create Slide Transitions And Animations
  • Video #4: How To Change And Format Images And Backgrounds
  • Video #5: How To Add Text Effect
  • Video #6: How To Add Audio/Video 
  • Video #7: Convert WMV To MP4 Using AnyVideo Converter 
Wordpress Blogging
WP For Beginner 
  • Video #1: Organizational Tips & Best Practices 
  • Video #2: Manual Creation
  • Video #3: Installation Cleanup
  • Video #4: Basic Security
  • Video #5: Dashboard Tour
  • Video #6: Pages VS Posts
  • Video #7: Create Pages
  • Video #8: Create Posts
  • Video #9: Plugins
  • Video #10: Themes
  • Video #11: Widgets
  • Video #12: Menus
  • Video #13: Basic SEO
  • Video #14: Prevent Brute Force Attacks
  • Video #15: What Is Wordpress
  • Video #16: Wordpress.org VS Wordpress.com
List Building
List Building Tutorials
  • Video #1: Introduction
  • Video #2: Purpose
  • Video #3: Avoid
  • Video #4: Trust
  • Video #5: Recommend Auto Responder
  • Video #6: Recommend Lead Page Creator
  • Video #7: Set Up Auto Responder
  • Video #8: Set Up Lead Page
  • Video #9: Connect Everything Together
Minisite Creation
Sales Funnel Creation Using Resell Rights Product  
  • Video #1: Getting Started & Tools
  • Video #2: Getting Your Resell Rights Product Ready
  • Video #3: HTML Editing Basics 
  • Video #4: Customizing Your Sales Page and Thank-You Pages
  • Video #5: Connect Your Download Page and Downloadable Files
  • Video #6: How To Automate Your Sales With PayPal Buttons
  • Video #7: How To Upload Files & Test Your Sales Funnel
If you're not watching these videos, it may take you many months before you can finally set up your Internet business. (Of course, depending on your present level of skills and knowledge)

What I've seen in general is that most newbies have no idea on how to do this technical stuff.

I've seen a lot of similar help requests on many marketing forums, every single day. Even with the help of those guys, they can only tell you how to do it on writing but you've still got to figure out how to do what you've been told!

Why spend the next weeks and months trying to figure out all of the steps it takes to get things going online - when you can watch someone show you exactly how to take action and get your business up and running today?
I'm sure you'll agree that having access to a wealth of videos will give you the confidence and knowledge to start putting your business together with very little hesitation!
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All I can say is WOW! This is really a fine set of tools for ANYONE wanting to get started and for the experienced user.

There is something for everyone in this package. From getting started to the final setup, here is all you need.

An excellent job!

Kim Winfrey
"I Have Watched Them Twice So Far And Have Gotten More Out Of Them Than I Have In My 5 Years Online"
I am 64 years old and have a lot of trouble reading, I could never understand the finer parts of the Internet, your instructional videos are the BEST.

I have watched them twice so far and have gotten more out of them than I have my 5 years online. I have recommended them to all my friends, I know you have a fine product that gets down to the basic details for the beginner.

THANKS for a great product.

David Carter
"Life Would Have Been A Heck Of A Lot Easier If I Had Got My Hands On These Earlier"
What a fantastic set of tutorials. Life would have been a heck of a lot easier if I had got my hands on these earlier.

There is something for everybody here - newbie and experienced marketer alike

Once again. fantastic set of tutorials.

Dave MacGregor
"Your Video Tutorials Are Simply Amazing"
As a web host admin and programmer, I'm always asked for help in the form of step by step tutorials on how to accomplish certain things online.

Now I know what I'll be sending them. Your video tutorials are simply amazing!

Kaviraj Kodai
"...Drastically Cut Down There Learning Curve To An Absolute Minimum"
Your new videos are great, it's like actually having an Internet Marketer in the same room with you guiding and teaching you what to do, every step of the way...

I would recommend your Coaching Tutorials to anyone new to Internet Marketing and want to drastically cut down there learning curve to an absolute minimum!

Dale Odeyemi
"Highly Recommended For Online Biz Newbies"
If you need start-to-finish hand holding from buying a domain, hosting setup, autoresponders setup and how to set up landing pages and thank you pages, this is a must-have video series.

Highly recommended for online biz newbies!

Bob Turpen
Your Purchase Is Back By A 100% 60-Day No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee!
Rest assured that these videos will answer all those burning questions that are stopping you and your business from developing any further and to top it off all the risk will be placed on us with our 60-day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee!

If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with the quality and content of the training you're entitled to a full money-back guarantee. Simply send us an email and we'll close your account for you.

we've packed so much content and quality in this membership that you'll be referring back to it to help you accomplish a certain task for years to come.

So go ahead, place your order today in complete confidence and we'll see you on the inside!
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I.M.4 Newbies Video Tutorials
"A True Step-By-Step Tutorial That Can Have Anyone Building An Online Business From The Ground Up In Record Time"
It was comprehensive as it gets and yet simple enough for a complete newbie. I must admit that your Internet Marketing Basics video series is a fantastic resource.

You really have covered everything from A-Z. A true step-by-step tutorial that can have ANYONE building an online business from the ground up in record time. Nice work!

Mark Myre
"I'm Very Comfortable Recommending Your Video Tutorials To Any Of My Clients"
Let me tell you that you created a great Video Tutorials. I know for a fact that 70% of my clients are newbies and don't have any clue on how to set up their own website, domain or any other basic tasks that every internet marketer needs to know.

Now I can refer them to these video tutorials and I know they can learn everything from the start to set their own businesses.

I'm very comfortable recommending your video tutorials to any of my clients.

David Zohar
"It's Like Having A FAQ Video Right In Front Of You"
I've read tons of Ebooks about how to start your own Internet Business, but I have never seen anything like this.

Internet Marketing For Newbies is a full proven step-by-step system on how to get your business off the ground for newbies like myself. After, going through the videos all I could say is what a brilliant idea.

It's like having a FAQ video right in front of you.

You are practically taken by the hand and given a blueprint on everything you need to do to get yourself started. All I could say is thank you for making such a wonderful product because you have truly outdone yourself.

Richard Perez
P.S. IM4Newbies will be a valuable resource for you for many years to come. No matter what 'new' technique is shown to you, you will be able to apply it because you've got all the point-and-click videos at your fingertips!

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